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Friday, May 21, 2010

Witches' Tower

The problems on this formation focus on a leaning block of granite on the right side of this relatively obscure formation. Witches' Tower is just downstream from Sherwood Forest, about 7 miles upcanyon from Boulder. It is on the south side of the canyon so a stream crossing is required. The main attraction here is Witch Hunt, V10/11.

Broomstick Block
This is the obvious large block leaning against the main cliff.

Pumpkin Eater V5/6
This problem traverse the arete of the boulder leaning against the cliff, joining Witch Hunt at the top. Bob Horan's description and photo are here.

Witch Hunt V10/11
A Chris Schulte find, this problem starts in the cave formed by the block, starting low and works up the arete on crimps and compression. A good Horan description and photo are here.

The Wisk, V0 climbs a boulder just below.

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