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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Eagle Rock

Eagle Rock is the first really big cliff on the south side of the canyon, about 6 miles from Boulder. It is simplest to park on the north side of the road at an obvious pullout just before the cliff, cross the road and head uphill a bit to the boulders. The creek is very powerful during spring and summer runoff and caution is advised when crossing it.

The Shark Boulder

Locate a shark-shaped boulder close to the creek, just upstream of the approach to Eagle Rock.

Authentic Battle Damage V12 sds or V8 stand

A tough compression-style problem, starting low and working out the boulder's prow. Chris' description is here.

Pirate Boulder

This is a small cliff below Eagle Rock, recognizable for its overhanging west face. The base is almost always in the water.

Davy Jones Footlocker V8
Climb the steep wall to a committing topout over a bad watery landing. Tall and serious.
FA Chris Schulte. Description here.

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