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Monday, August 3, 2009

New Problems, Guidebook section

A number of new problems have gone up in the past few months, most notably Chris Schulte's lines near Eagle Rock. I also need to research and photograph two new lines that Seth Allred put up near Castle Rock.

Bob Horan has been developing and posting some stuff in the canyon but opinion appears to be mixed. The photos do not show anything spectacular as far as I can tell but new climbs are good to see. Getting back at critics by giving boulder problems names such as Mr Knowitall is one of the particular satisfactions of FAs I suppose.

Some of the material in this blog is now available in print in the new guidebook to Boulder Canyon by Bob D'Antonio available from Wolverine Publishing.

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Unknown said...


Are you still updating this blog? Would love to know about the Seth lines. I know of about 20 problems that are not listed, moderates up to V9.